Pierre Gagnaire, a three star Michelin chef

Pierre Gagnaire, a three star Michelin chef

 Being authentic and benevolent to

make Haute Cuisine

“We can, of course, live with a potato and a glass of water,obviously we can live without opera, without painting,without dance, without music. But all of these bring sweetness, goodness and loveliness to the world. In a way,
it makes the world less painful, with less cancer and less war… We contribute to this a little bit, but no more no less.”

—— Pierre Gagnaire, a three star Michelin chef, owner of 11 restaurants worldwide.

In 12 Balzac Street, Paris’s 8th distrct, the kitchen of Pierre Gagnaire, everything is quietly carrying on, there is neither collision nor loud noise. In Pierre Gagnaire’s opinion,cooking should be in a mood tender and kind-hearted.

Pierre Gagnaire


Taste Of Life (TOL): What is the spirit of French cuisine for you?
PG: The spirit of French cuisine is first a culinary heritage. Cuisine is a part of our culture and heritage, the cuisine of ceremony is something really important for the French, and it is like a show, a little bit like an artistic work or traditional work. Taste is the most important; it must take precedence over all. Something that has been well preserved is the decorative aspect of it, which is a mark of respect to others. It is this little extra which shows special attention.

TOL: How can we identify French Cuisine?
PG: The sauces. French cuisine is about sauces. Today, there is a mix of different styles, there are chefs with their own personality who express their cuisine differently, but the essence of French Cuisine still remains the sauces.

TOL: What is more important for you as a chef?
PG: It is the honesty and the sincerity of what we do. It is working with your heart, to create something that resembles you. Through someone’s cuisine, one must recognize his or
her expression. I hope people can be touched when they eat what I cook, that something a bit different happens that makes them live an exceptional moment, that is really the reflect of the efforts that we put in to create some sweetness, some emotions, something beautiful which tastes good.

TOL: What are the characteristics of your dishes?
PG: It is cooked with passion. It uses very good products and is made with a particular concern for consistency, something for which I give all that I have inside. It is a cuisine, which has its own personality. I cannot describe it.

TOL: How do you teach your students?
PG: By being with them, by talking to them, by listening to them, by getting to know them and by being close to them, but without authority, with determination and benevolence.

TOL: It is as in your cuisine, do you wish to express benevolence as well?
PG: Absolutely!

TOL: What do your clients expect when they come?
PG: They simply want to spend a good time, in a place that they are going to enjoy, which is refined, simple, elegant, cozy, authentic, because that is what luxury means today, I mean
authenticity. It is the desire to surprise, to please. Pleasure is a key word. Giving people something that enables them to elevate their soul, not only the stomach.

TOL: How do you see your career in the coming years?
PG: I remain faithful to my youth projects, which have not completely deviated and remain very close to our daily cooking, I am still obsessed with taste and creativity. 30 years ago, this profession was more brutal, tougher, we worked in bad conditions, people were poorly paid, and often the kitchen was not clean. In the beginning, I did not enjoy this profession, so I realized that I should do the work a little differently. Money is important of course, but it is not our driving force, our driving force is the quality of what we do, the desire to do well. My motivation is the search for quality and for honesty; it creates a sort of bubble of peace and softness. I am still a cook. The rest is the consequence of my cooking.
Therefore, I have to remain a cook to have a meaningful life and make it work.


Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire 

 6 Rue Balzac, 75008 Paris

01 45 77 29 01



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